Welcome to the official home of dasm, a versatile macro assembler with support for several 8-bit microprocessors including MOS 6502 & 6507, Motorola 6803, 68705 & 68HC11, Hitachi HD6303 (extended Motorola 6801), and Fairchild F8.

Below you can download the latest dasm binaries and sources for the most common operating systems: Linux, macOS, Windows and also Raspberry Pi OS.

Latest Release (version - see release notes)

dasm- Compressed 64-bit executable for Linux [*]
dasm- Compressed 64-bit executable for macOS [*]
dasm- Compressed 64-bit executable for Windows [*]
dasm- Compressed 32-bit executable for ARMv7 Raspberry Pi Linux [*]
Looking for a 32-bit dasm executable? Find them in the releases.

[*] Console-specific header files and common macros are included for the Atari 2600 VCS, the Atari 7800 and the Fairchild Channel F VES.

Code & Documentation

On GitHub you can find the latest code and documentation .

Bugs? Feature requests?

Please report bugs or feature requests on our dasm project page.

All versions of dasm are written in C. If you want to contribute we encourage you to fork dasm and send us a pull request!